Fresh Ideas For Gamemodes

I am not sure where to post this but I am NOT advertising my server.

I own a server and I need ideas of what people want to see.

It will be a roleplay based server (like DarkRP for example but unique)

It needs to be something fresh so I am asking the people what they want to see

Thanks :3

I have an idea :
Delete your server and never put it in the server list if it’s a RP Server.

how bout nope

I feel so happy when I see people asking for/sharing gamemode ideas

And then immediate disappointment when they mean roleplay only

Why make the name of the thread seem like you are going to take ideas for all sorts of gamemodes, but only in the thread make the distinction that you only want RP ideas…

I would be much more interested in hearing people’s unique ideas about different gamemodes, that have nothing to do with RP.

Just ignore the trolls, They don’t like to see people enjoy DarkRP for some sad pathetic little reason. They are “snobs” to say the least leave them to their own sad little thoughts.

How about a Half life 2 themed DarkRP, I’ve only seen that done once on a French server but I’ve had the idea for a long time just never implemented it.

You would have the police be metropolice, mayor would be Dr Breen and the swat/armed response would be The combine overwatch.

You could have the gangsters be the resistance and blackmarket dealer could be Eli or a similar character. There’s a whole bunch of possibilities.

You could also do some things with the gamemode and make it so that at certain times of the day antlions, or zombies spawn into the map that the players must work together to defeat. I find servers like that, some other way for people to shoot at things actually keep RDM at a minimum compared to servers where you can’t shoot at things all too often.