"Fresh kills" Military police found tracks

Yeah, felt like doing something other than TF2 skins and poses for a while.
And yes, the gun has no sling. It’s a Finnish military police wielding an RK-95.
Skinned it today, will tweak it in future.

isn’t it SPV?

I have no idea what country’s police you’re reffering to but the Finnish military police (mp) is SP (sotilaspoliisi).

I dig the picture, but I’m not sure if that bike would be terribly effective for a man of his size, wearing all that equipment.

Yeah, now that you mention it when you put those guys into correct perspective they look like gorillas.
On the other hand most other Blackop ragdolls look like midgets.

But that’s a relatively large dirtbike, which I assume is more effective on dirt roads than legs.

The engine looks small it couldn’t be more than a 250cc.

Isn’t that a sanchez from GTA IV? If so, it’s 450cc, says so on the back.

If it is doesn’t look like one.

That’s too bad, I should have probably modeled one with a bigger engine for the sake of realism in this screenshot.

operator as fuc

Are all finish police like that? ^.^

Oh i was refering to Suomen puolustus voimat.

It’s SotilasPoliisi

I’m pretty sure most career MPs are pretty bulky.