"Fresh Meat" Some kind of Special Infected got himself a snack

Back from Greece and doing some pictures.
C&C is appreciated.


Fuck you I was going to sleep tonight

Hahahahahahaha what the fuuuuuuuck

I have the weirdest boner right now.

“Got himself a snack”

only girls in the picture

Maybe the Special Infected is the dead guy, and the woman’s just fuck-ugly.


Smoking hot.
Call her a waifu or something and she bite your head off.

I thought the dead guy was Duke Nukem

Just put a bag on her head.

Leave it, I like her that way.


So pweety.
The lighting on her hair, specifically on her right hand side looks a lil weird imo. There could have also been moar munching but overall, it’s not bad.

looks like Mileena from mortal kombat

It is and she’s more prettier than ever.

I can only wonder why. /sarcasm

great picture, though the source lighting fuarked up her hair on the left.

how did you like greece?

I’d still hit it. Just sayin.

Yeah it kinda fucked up her hair, maybe I should have fixed that.

I went to Kos and it actually was pretty cool, Kos-City has some cool Bars and Clubs and the people are nice. Food was also great(Gyros erryday). Only thing to complain about is that it only lasted 2 weeks :(.

Is on My Favorites on Deviant art