Fresh Moded Server. Remove, Location, Remote Doors, Night Fires. Full PvP, Sleepers.

Rust Oxide. PvP, Survival.

Our server is dedicated to embracing the mayhem that is Vanilla Rust, and adding features that make the game a bit more versatile.

~ Active Adult Admin.
~ Airdrops at 20 players.
~ PvP encouraged.
~ Sleepers On.
~ Noob Friendly. (Open to helping teach new players.)

Oxide Mod, and Addons.

Oxide Mod allows server admin to socket addons. Oxide enables the use of /commands in the chatbox. The addons can then be controlled
by players in the game, through their chatbox, with simple commands. Open to ideas about adding, or even removing Addons. The topic is up for conversation.

Supported Addons.

~ Groups.
~ Door Share.
~ Advanced Kits. (Starter Kit to build a 1x1.) (Please no Littering!)
~ /Location & Map.
~ Remover Tool.
~ Remote Door Control.
~ Night Fires. (Allows you to keep a nightlight on.)

You can create and delete Groups. Also you are able to invite players to your Group. They can accept or decline the invitation.

Players in a group can use:
/gwho - See which group members are online
/g Message - Group chat

All Commands:
/gcreate Name - Create a group with this name
/gdelete - Delete a group
/ginvite Playername - Invite a player to your group
/gkick Playername - Kick a player out of the group
/gcancel - Cancel the Invitation (Sender and Receiver can do it!)
/gaccept - Accept the invitation
/gleave - Leave your current group
/g Message - Sends group message
/ghistory - Shows the groupchat history
/gwho - Shows online group members
/ghelp - Group help commands
/ginfo - Shows the group name and member count
/glist - Shows a list of all groups (names)
/gmotd “Message” - Set a group MOTD
/gsettings - Shows the group settings
/gsetting pvp|kick|invite|motd|groupname 0|1 - set group settings

Door Share.
A simple yet useful plugin that allows players to share their doors with other players.

Chat Commands
/share “player name”
Shares all current and future doors owned by the caller with the target player. Includes wooden doors, metal doors and gates.
/unshare “player name”
Removes the target player from the caller’s share list.

As with all Oxide chat commands, names that include spaces must be enclosed by double quotes
Names can be partial rather than full
Names are case sensitive
When unsharing, the name used to unshare must be the same as the name used to share or it won’t work (even if the player changed their name)
The share list is stored based on SteamID not player name, so changing names won’t “trick” the plugin

Advanced Kits.
This is classical kits plugin with new features. Players will be able to spawn a limited number of kits, depending on the type.

/kit house Gives the player the mats to build a 1x1 with a metal door. Also a furnace, campfire, and a wooden storage crate.
/kit starter Gives the player a stone hatchet, and 3 cooked chicken.
/kit basic Gives the player a Shelter with wooden door, a campfire, some wood, and some uncooked chicken.

Location & Map.
/location tells users their coords and gives them a url to plot them on the map. To find yourself on the Rust Map.

Remover Tool.
This tool allows players to remove their own structures, and no one else’s.
/remove Enables & Disables the effect.
When enabled, a player can use any tool or weapon to one shot their structure piece by piece. (Make sure when not in use, you disable this addon.)
Remove returns the items to your inventory.

Remote Door Control.
Open/close all door that belongs to you.


/dooropenid Password open all door by password
/doorcloseid Password close all door by password

Night Fires.
Night Fires allows you to use empty furnaces to add light to your bases (inside or out). Night Fires controls the operation of empty furnaces. At dusk all empty furnaces are turned on.
They are kept running until dawn. Put any item inside a furnace to prevent it from being turned on at dusk (because only empty furnaces will be turned on by Night Fires).

Come Join us, lets have a BLAST!!