Fresh New 2014 Rust Server WrZ

{WarriorZ} - [WrZ] Recruiting

Recruitment: OPEN

Please read the full criteria of the post before posting.

Hello, and thank you for taking interest in the [WrZ]

We are a long term gaming clan from call of duty to arma dayz, Battlefield to mindcraft, Fifa to Rome 2.

Mutiplatform gaming is a big part of are clan as we have members that just play Xbox and members that just play Dayz

so if theres one thing your into then we have a team for you.

I can say we have lost lots of years playing alot of games and we found that playing together is far

better then alone. We offer anyone places in are community a chance to progress in what they love.

From just being a members to leading a squad. Website managment to server admin.

We better are clan by helping are members to better them selfs.

Streaming is a big part of are clan at the moment so if you would like to be a start or try streaming yourself come along.

We have main page Twitch, YouTube and in clan battling.

Monthly Give-away and prizes for members that take part in tournaments and site building.

Our mission is to bring together the most community based, badass gamers from around the web to one spot and play games together.
We are a close family and we look more for dedication and loyalty. We love to win but its all about having fun!

  • Age Limit: 18+ (Waverable based on maturity)
  • Continent: Will take players from all over the world
  • Times we play: Someone is usually always on
  • Microphone: Yes it is required so we dont shoot you by accident
  • Stat Requirements: None we want team players
  • Preferred Game Mode: Any
  • Who to contact: Duke, DezOwl, Tony

Any questions please visit

If you are looking for an online community without the hassles of the standard clan mentality then come help us grow into a new form of united gamers. We are also open to clan scrims and matchs.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Rust Server : net.connect

Join TeamSpeak and have a chat :