Fresh Noob friendly Server

Hello Every one My 17year old son and I just started a server few weeks ago after we got tired of cheaters on the official servers and all the wipes on the community servers.


It is Vanilla server with anti cheat mods.

Server is based in Seattle.




Private messaging

/h Command to bring back chat (no more lost chat messages)

Rewards system

Friends list and friendly fire off might be added (if players want it).

Only admins will be real life family so there will be no Admin abuse.

There will be no wipes unless absolutely necessary (we do all the clean up manually)

Glitching to Raid some ones house will be punished by jail or ban (depends on severity)

Admins have the ability to identify who looted an area so sleeping bag or wall glitcher’s can be identified and dealt with.

All the changes on the server will be done after vote by the players on the Steam group at:

So far all our players are very friendly and helping noobs to get started (unless you mess with them) :slight_smile: The admins are very helpful and can be contacted via steam when not in game for emergency’s (all admins can access console from their phone for emergency support). Only names with English characters are allowed so make sure you don’t try to log in the server with Chinese or Russian names server will not let you in.

To connect to our server hit F1 in game and type net.connect Hope to see you in there.

come visit you will like what you see.

new stuff added come check us out

By the way i will never add a remove tool on the server for the simple reason that people abuse it to hide their stuff under foundations and there is nothing to loot when you raid their house.
If you are smart you wouldn’t play in a server with remove tool for the simple reason that you get cheated out of all the good loot from people that know this trick.
I prefer to keep remove for admins only and remove things for players our self’s when they need something removed (we always help our players).

just a bump:downs: