Fresh Oxide Server | Fair Admin | PvP | Zero tolerance to griefers |

Teleport Requests (can teleport to other players upon their permission), Door Share (’/share player name’ to give another player permission to open doors you’ve placed), No Sleepers (Characters body will disappear once you’ve logged off {zero tolerance to combat logging}), Groups (Create a group with it’s own chat channel (/gcreate /ginvite /gaccept /gleave /g), Referrals (upon your joining, you’ll receive a gift {typically, building material or ammo} and if you a refer a friend to the server, you both will receive a gift) Frequent Air Drops (Air Drops will be called in frequently and lucky players will be flagged and given permission to call in the airdrops themselves) **PvP **(player versus player combat is allowed {griefing could get you /kill, /kick, or /ban}) New player friendly (fresh spawns and new players will be granted higher favor and at times protected)