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Hello Facepunch!

Garry has recently stated on the Devlog that he is considering bringing zombies back into Rust. In my opinion this is a great idea I love zombie games and we now have a great opportunity. In many zombie survival games the zombies themselves are more of a hindrance and an annoyance rather than a genuine threat. To put this into perspective as long as the player has good gear or a clan then zombies aren’t a problem to deal with.

My idea is to add in two things A: fast but brain dead zombies which cause a minor hindrance for players to raid a rad town/rad zone B: Add in towering mutants, these mutants are a genuine threat to players but are relatively rare. They should be fast powerful and scary looking.

(I did not make nor do i own this image. All rights to respective owners. This is just an example of what the towering mutant could look like.)

To balance this idea the towering mutant/s should become more powerful depending on how many players are in the proximity. This would eliminate the advantage to big groups taking down these big monsters and stealing the loot.
During the night these towering mutants should become more of a threat. In the cover of darkness these mutants should be able to escape the confines of the radiation zones and stalk around the woods looking for their next prey. For the ultimate jump scare it would be interesting to see them find a occupied house and silently wait until the owner goes into the darkness to jump and kill it’s prey. After this the monster will return to the radzone ready for thye next day. This would do two things: make sure people don’t settle too closely to rad towns (taking away that advantage) and, this would also open the opportunity for people to explore rad towns when they perhaps do not possess the correct gear, risking whether or not the monster will return randomly in the night

All of these are my own personal opinions or thoughts any feedback is greatly appreciated and thank you very much for taking the time to read my suggestion.

Miscreated already has mutants.

Can you expand on your point please? Im not sure what you mean :slight_smile:

Miscreated. Already has mutants.
DayZ and 7days2Die already have Zombies.

Let Facepunch be more original. K thanks, Bye!

I dislike the idea of re-adding zombies.

How about zombie birds?

How about big ass Trolls. They hunt for you and if you are safe in your little raid shack, they will bash it down and tear your body to shreds. Only a well fortified base can prevent them or skilled troll hunting teams. Been done before, but so has Zombies.

Or they could add zombie fish?

The Dev blog where they had robots was awesome to me. There was a post there about air drops containing mech machines that would burst out and kill everyone. That would be a rush to find death instead of supplies and only a group would be able to take it down.

How about terminator style cyborgs that roam the land and when you kill one you can get metal and new resource materials to build more advanced weapons?

I also like the idea of mechanized NPC’s (Read: Caretakers), it is original and not as cliche’ as roaming humanoid cyborgs.

I’m not sure if they still intent to add in the advanced military weaponry but I hope they do to a degree. They should be very rare and as you say you can only build them with different parts, some dropped by Caretakers or other similar NPC’s.

I still think that caretaker robot is really amazing.

Also i’m really in favor of having mutated animals in the game. I think it would be cool to have 1/2 mutated ‘human-like’ entities, but they have to be original and not zombie-like.

Maybe base them on realistic military robots. Looks like they are going for dog style ones at the minute.

Well it seems like they are leaning towards Wayward robotics/left behind technology and I think that is a good thing, looking forward to seeing more as dev goes on!

Fresh perspective and zombies? Not bad…

There should be no zombies mentioned ever again. Do not take back these boring shitty game elements!

Take in something new, which also is not a zombie with a littlebit different mask.

i personally would rather we didnt have zombies back in this game. Rust currently fills an important niche in the survival game genre IMO. its the only multiplayer survival game without a quirky usp like zombies, mutants or dinosaurs.

something like this is always going to divide the community i guess. there does seem to be quite a bit of support for zombies, robots or the like. i would rather danger came in the form of more animals (predators.) wolves should hunt in packs for a start.

before any of this however i hope they take a different approach to updating the game. i try to get back into Rust every fortnight or so but its pretty difficult to enjoy it at the moment. with small updates coming thick and fast the servers are regularly updated and wiped. gathering supplies is a lengthy and very tedious process at the moment so the time inbetween updates is spent almost exclusively hitting trees and rocks :/.

i hope they can get Rust to a slightly more playable state soon and then maybe release updates only when they are polished and ready to be added to stable branch. i know we bought an early access game but Rust seems to be in an unplayable state much more often than any of the other early access titles that i own. a good example would be the recent stability update making it impossible to build houses above the ground floor without parts of it randomly disappearing.

i would like to see them push forward with the rad towns/lootable areas so we have something a bit more playable for now. i think these areas are the life blood of this game, people gather round them, bandits lurk in them and all the more reason to spend the time tediously hitting trees and rocks to have a nice safe place to store all that loot :). gathering supplies should be slightly arduous i suppose but it hops over the border into infuriating when you have to repeat the process every week or so. i can see how zombies would make the tedium of gathering slightly less …erm, tedious, but i think that wildlife could do the same thing. i just think there needs to be a lot more variety of animals and that they need to interact more with the player and the environment (reacting to smells, sounds, time of day, other npc animals and so on.)

I like the idea of an OP monster like a deathclaw from fallout 3 that stalks really high reward loot zones and the fringes of Rust Island, perhaps in the desert caves, or those randomly generated islands just off the mainland.

something like this would be cool, along with mechanized NPCs

these would be relatively rare, and would be hard to take down but usually would pay off.

I agree with what you’re saying for the most part. But honestly its not about just having something other than zombies. Aslong as the zombies are innovative and unique theres no reason not to have them. When the game is just reusing the same cheesy zombie that acts identical to these other games like dayz, miscreated, warz etc. then that is a problem.

But it may just be me, but I have confidence that facepunch would make them standout. And I can already think of a number of ways to make zombies not normal and “filler” as they usually are.

-make them a SERIOUS fucking threat. (I’ve never actually been afraid of a zombie, mostly because theyre just fodder to show off some nice weapon animations
a. In legacy rust the zombies were actually sort of a threat, those fast zombies were something you really had to take a wide path around to not die. (Before people realized you can just 1shot them with a pickaxe)
b. Zombies should be extremely punishing, they could be hard to alert but when alerted they’re a large brickwall infront of any goal you seek. (possibly jostling aim, grappling the player, infecting them somehow so that they need to change goals to curing the infection)

zombies can also be totally different in this game, I mean honestly do zombies have to be shambling rotting corpses? no way fuckin jose
1. Zombies could easily be modeled like normal rust player model, just standing weird, and making eerie breathy / gutteral noises.
2. Theres nothing saying they cant just be radiation husks that glow out of their eyes or have some other crazy abilities that mechanically hinder player action (maybe they puke radiation puddles wherever they run, leaving a trail that players can box themselves in on, or use tacticly to block spear-chucking newspawns.
3. Anything your eager minds can come up with.

I didn’t want to make a long post, and usually hate proving my lack of brevity. But I feel like its important point.

thanks for reading if you made it this far (thumbs up)

yeah, we could argue till the cows come home about zombies or no zombies. personal preference i suppose.

i just have a hard time swallowing zombies in a survival game i guess. in a spooky mansion or some sort of horror game they make sense to me. but when i wake up in the wilderness in a survival game (on a world that closely resembles earth, earth like weapons, animals etc,) they just feel unnecassary and out of place to me. you could argue that the spooky mansion game is set on an earth like world as well but i guess its the survival context that makes it seem out of place to me. it just depends on your personal vision of what Rust should be i suppose. any mention of robots, zombies or mutants and my first thought is, i’d rather they spent that time making the environment and existing (realistic) animal dynamics better and more indepth.

regardless of this, lets hope we get something a bit more playable soon (zombies or not.)

I think robots/andriods would be a good addition. Maybe random dropships that deploy the robots.

Zombies are too unoriginal and have been done to death, soooo… we’re going to rip off the Fallout mutant/creature/robot trifecta, as seen in virtually every other Wasteland Post-apoc game? Would that be more original?

I think people are getting too caught up in the skins, the names, the sounds and the motif… zombies represent an archetype. It doesn’t matter if you make them zombies, rad wolves, mutants or cyborgs if they’re going to be doing the same thing: stand around waiting to see a target, chase target, pool around the base of walls waiting to get shot or run away 30 meters and reset. What have you accomplished by changing the skin… the ability to say “hah, we’re not just another zombie game!” … If you don’t look at rad animals and see slow-moving zombies, maybe you’re not looking hard enough.

What I think most people want is enemies that appear to have some degree of intelligence, that make the environment more interactive. Something that inspires or requires more tactics and strategy. Unfortunately, I don’t feel it’s an insult to say that level of AI programming is probably beyond the Facepunch team at this time.