Fresh Rust server => 2 hours pvp protection at first start = Fair Play with non retard admins = noobfriendly = Rare C4

**Hey guys & girls,

we just started our server a day ago and wanted to bring the word out that there is a decent balanced server out there for you to enjoy.

The server has no rules because we don’t want to limit people’s game experience. Freshspawn killing will not be tollerated but they are protected anyways by a 1 hour no damage from PVP the first time they enter our server.

More about our server:**

==> Noobfriendly --> we have a range of friendly players/admins who are willing to help you out or get you on your feet, We do encourage single players to team up or build a town together, strenght by numbers!

==>Addons --> Our server has a wide range of addons, but not ones that will change or disrupt gameplay.

==> Active admins --> By our own experience on other servers we know that an active admin isn’t necesarily good news, adminabuse seems to go hand in hand with playing Rust. We promise you admins who will be helpfull,
honest and respectfull. Admins will be online almost 24/7.

==>Limited C4 --> Crafting explosives is disabled on our server, you can craft C4 with explosives you find in lootboxes/animals/drops or you can find C4 in the same way ofcourse. This will limit the amount of c4 and thus make people
think twice about wich building they try to raid.

==> Limited M4 --> The overpowered M4 is uncraftable! You can only find it in lootboxes/animals/drops. If you find one cherrish it, because the other players will want yours!

==> Airdrops --> Once there are more than 10 players on the servers airdrops will be called in every hour, airdrops are even more important on our server, you want to find C4 to raid someone? This is your best chance to get
Some! You want an M4 to protect yourself against the raiders? This is your best chance to get one!

**With this we try to bring balance in our server so that everyone, being a peacefull farmer or a hardcore bandit, can enjoy his own playstyle to the maximum.

Feel free to have a look and bring your friends.
The easiest way to find our server is to launch steam, in the server list press F1, type ‘net.connect’ and press enter**

this one for sure:)

Guys i really recommend this server guys everyone come we need more people to allow it to reach its full potential!

We now have our own arena!

You can’t lose, weapons and gear will be automatically provided once you are inside the arena.

Join one of our** arenabattles**, the winner will be rewarded with special prices!

Great server with best oxide plugins to make your rust experience even more fun ! active nl/eng/ru/es speaking admins at your service at all time. a real MUST TRY!

Good news our server has been wiped today 16/02 to give everyone a fresh and fair start together!

Join today and have fun!