Fresh Server 3/3 So Rust. Such Thunderdome. Very admin. Much DDOS protection. Wow. Been up for an hour

This is a new server we have a strong player base as it is we are basically migrating from one hosting company to another I encourage everyone to check us out. We are a vanilla unmodded fully default everything server with one exception and this is why YOU should come the THUNDERDOME yea it sounds dumb but it’s fun so read on please if you enjoy unmodded default servers. There is a video of the Thunderdome at the bottom just to give you an idea of what it is.

What is the Thunderdome? it’s a building our admins make out in the middle of nowhere and port people in, having them fight either free for all or Team death match aka rad pants vs. cloth. How it works we have those who want to participate press 1 in chat when the announcement goes out, then each player is ported to the staging area in free for all everyone is naked killed upon first teleport to check there bag then teleported again. They run into the Thunderdome fully nude where they will find all the weapons and things needed to kill each other ranging from bows to 1-2 bolt action rifles hidden. Last man standing wins a prize, the prize is usually an airdrop beacon but is also dependent on how many players join and the amount of time it takes previous some have lasted 30mins.

The TDM has player’s separated into two different rooms where they stage in their gear full Kevlar with rad/cloth pants. Again fight to the death team that wins each player gets to pick one weapon of their choice these matches are much shorter then, free for all and are usually only 6v6.

To join us go to your main rust screen where you would pick a server from and press F1 then type net.connet that will bring you to us. The name of our server is Fresh Server 3/3 So Rust. Such Thunderdome. Very admin. Much DDOS protection. Wow.

here is a video of what the thunderdome is like

To connect to us again here is our address

Still a great chance to join the server it is still very fresh if you want a new start this is your chance.