Fresh Server *AUS* NoTears (Cheaters banned) | PvP | SPL Off | instacraft

Hello and welcome to the NoTears server we are a group people that want to play with other active people whether on their own or in a group. We hope to build a large community and we do not mind helping people with the game if they need it. This is a PvP server be warned we will try to keep the game as even if we can in chat if you die No Crying, any hacking will result in an instant ban and there will be no admin abuse at all if for whatever reason there is notify me and it will be dealt with swiftly.

Severs Started 17/01/2014
Host - (So No Lag)
Start Game & Press F1 then copy below and paste, Press enter :slight_smile:
net.connect “”


  • PvP | ON
  • Sleepers | OFF
  • Wipes | Only if Forced to or for Updates
  • Admin | Active - No Abuse
  • Air drops | ON (Minimum 1 players on the server)
  • Community | Friendly and helpful
  • 50 Slots | Will be upgraded if needed


  • No Cheating or Exploiting.
  • Global chat is limited to English language
  • No Destroying of Sleeping Bags


  • Chillin
  • That 1 Dude Nate


  • We Will be upgrading to Oxide With Door Share and Other Mods as soon as they are available.

So get on and have a go, Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Just an update for the sever so far, We have just got Oxide on the sever some new features are


Thinking of adding - BASIC ECONOMY & QUESTS but this will take some time to add all the price’s and rewards.

Update - We now have Basic Economy this is like a server shop and gives you $
- We now have Quests you all know what quests are for!

Update - We now have Start Kits
- We now have Tickets if you have any problems


Woot! YAY kits!