FRESH server for EU and Scandinavians! 70 slots, PVP, SLEEP, NOGRIEF, NO admin abuse!

Hello fellow nerdlings!

Some friends and I have ordered a new Rust server and we are now looking to populate it! The server is EU located and has 70 slots, so there is plenty of room! I should also mention that it is brand new, so getting started is easy as there isnt much fighting going on as of yet :wink:

Some general server info:

NO griefing allowed, such as building stairs to enter houses. There is a reason for having C4 in the game :slight_smile:
We are 5 active admins that plays every single day.
NO random server wipes, only reason to wipe if there is a massive server update or client update that changes the world completly.
No abuse of airdrops, the server needs to be populated for airdrops to happen (currently set at 40 online, may lower to ~30).
And ofc, no admin abuse what so ever.

To connect, just press F1 to bring up the console and type in the following:


I hope to see you ingame!