Fresh Server - Jan 2, 2014 - PvP - Hackers get Banned!

Come join a server aimed at providing a Rust PvP experience as intended by the developers.

Sleepers = On
PvP = On
Crafting = HalfCraft (50% shorter craft times)
Airdrops = Start at 100 People (in the early days)

Admin Abuse = Zero
(No admin will ever spawn items for themselves or you, or otherwise use admin functions for the purpose of gaining an advantage.)

Hacker Tolerance = Zero

Report suspected hackers by email at: and include any links to screenshots or video that support your concern. We will monitor any players reported for hacking and ban any that are deemed to be doing so. Please be patient, as in fairness to all, we want to be sure people are actually hacking before bringing down the ban hammer.

Wipes - We will only wipe if updates demand it or something is terribly broken.

Server was last wiped: Jan. 1st, 2014 2:00am

Server location - Seattle, WA USA

Server Name: – [1/2/2014][ZeroHackTolerance/NoAdminAbuse][PvP/Slp/50%Craft] –

Console Connection: Hit “F1” in game and type “net.connect”

If people have ideas for events, server changes, we’d love to hear them.