Fresh server looking for clans/members! 2/21/14 vanilla Multiplay: Clan Wars {SOD}

Fresh Server looking for members/clans
As the title says. Fresh server with fair admins 24/7. This is a vanilla server with no mods at the moment. absolutely no admin abuse or admin is stripped and will be banned.

We are looking for this to be a clan based server for clans to do battle. Looking for large groups and recruits to join once clans are established.

Everyone on the server is very friendly. We are looking to push the envelope when it comes to clan vs clan pvp on rust. Make alliances and destroy existing ones. All we ask is no griefing of first timers and newly joined members.

groups of 10 or more will be given a starter kit for their base so you can get into the action sooner.


or in the server browser Multiplay:: Clan Wars {SOD}