Fresh Server: Multiplay :: [UK] Britannia Welcomes All // PvP

Server Name Multiplay :: [EU/UK] Britannia Welcomes All

If you’re interested press F1 in game and enter the following: net.connect


Feel free to add me on Steam: Mr_Cossack

Some Info

-PvP is enabled,raiding is allowed, Griefing players bases just for the sake of it is NOT allowed. For example, you may kill and raid other players bases and take them over. However, DO NOT enter part of the house and start placing your own doors until you have fully captured the base. Otherwise you’re just griefing.

-Anyone found to be using hacks,exploits,dupes etc will be banned.

-Currently there are only two admins, my self and a personal friend. With the server being new we do not need any more admins. This also reduces the risk of any rogue admins abusing their powers.

-You do NOT have to fear killing an admin or raiding their base. As long as everything is legit we are not above any other player. We are here to build,defend,raid and get raided just like you. In fact, i love a challenge.

-We do not allow teleporting of players to their friends or any other commands at all. We may make exceptions if a player finds him/her self stuck in the map, as the game is currently in Alpha such things can happen.

-Regarding air-drops: Currently they are set to drop when there is a minimum of 20 players online.

-We (myself) are very friendly and happy to help new players with any questions regarding the game etc, don’t be afraid to come say hello. :slight_smile:

Regarding server wipes: Like you, i too spend hours farming resources and building my base, there is nothing i hate more than losing hours of hard work! However, as both the server code/software and game it’s self are still in Alpha, there will likely be wipes at some point. Rest assured however, i will NOT wipe the server unless a required update demands it.

Apologies for the terrible writing above, if you have any questions just fire away.

Still looking for people who are interested in a fresh (legit) server. Had a few people come on yesterday and set up, would like to get more on though.


Edited? :S

Sry, wrong threath :wink:

Okay lol

We had 12 new players yesterday, some good friendly people helping each other out and some good pvp battles today. Still looking for more to join, some people report they cannot connect some kind of facepunch connector error, i found if you try about 5 times you should get in.

Server has been restarted (Not wiped) Hopefully people will no longer get the facepunch connector issue now.


Still looking for some fine people to come join us, whether you’re a builder or bandit, or both, we need you.

Updated OP to contain some useful info rather than just server IP.

Bump, server is pretty empty today. Most of the regs are offline, good time for new players to get set up.

Come join us people.

2 day bump. Few new people have joined recently, more the merrier.


C’omon guys, need more players in this servers, almost enyone here is friendly and we need more bandits to have some action xD


Many new people have joined since the server was set up, we have around 20 regulars now. While that may sound like a lot, it’s actually still very low as people play other games, have lives and play rust at different times etc. It’s means our daily average is still quite low.

So the more people we get, bandit or friendly, you are welcome to come make our server your home.


Many new newbies lately. slowly growing.

I keep saying ill like to see more bandits, it still pretty fliendly xD

Very true, but we had some last night which was quite fun. even if i did die a couple times haha.

Bump: Server is starting to take off nicely now. Had around 20 players on for the last few hours, airdrops have started for the first time which has spiced things up a bit.

Bump: Currently 24 online, more the merrier.

make that 37. keep coming peeps.

Update: Air-drops have been increased to a minimum of 20 players online. Reason for this is because of the sudden jump in players. We have gone from a peak of 21 players and a daily average of 11. To a peak of 50 players and a daily average of 25+ over the last couple days.

If the daily average drops again, so shall the minimum required for a drop.