Fresh Server SprintGaming - (PVP/TP/Econ/Kits/ShareDoor/AirDrop/InstaCraft) net.connect (self.playrustservers)

Welcome! ( Come join our forum for news/updates! )

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Owner/Developer/Web Design/Graphics:
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Server Features:
Friendly-Admins ( We all need those nice friendly admins too help you in situations! )
We are a Family-Friendly server and Noob-Friendly
Economy Plugin - /sell and /buy Items through our store! ( Friendly-Tip: Mine the ores! and Chop the wood! Sell un-needed supplies! )
StarterKit ( When you join our server, you will automatically redeem our starterkit that was hand picked, This may change any time )
Instant Crafting ( No more waiting! )
Remove Tool ( Misplaced anything while building? No worries! use /remove and shoot at the prop and it will disappear.)
Report System ( Ingame Report System ) HowTo: /report Name:Reason
Bounty’s ( Want too put a bounty on your enemies head? use /bounty NAME PRICE )
Homes ( Minecraft style! /sethome1-2 , /home1-2 )
Teleport ( Teleport too your friends! /tpre NAME and /tpacc too accept the teleport. We have set it too infinite. )

ServerIP: net.connect

Basic Rules:
No Hacking/Exploiting/Glitching
Do not disrespect/insult our Staff
Any Duping of items will result a temp-ban and possibly a stat wipe of your ingame player

We do allow Raiding. There is no current rules against raiding.

Any Teleport Glitching too raid will fall under our rules of Glitching/Exploiting and will result a warning / and if caught a second time
will result a temp-ban. Third time is a perm ban.