Fresh Server Today 3/24! West Coast|NoDura|1/4Craft|NoAbuse|PVP|Fun Events|StarterKit

Fresh Server Today 3/24!

West Coast|NoDura|1/4Craft|NoAbuse|PVP|Fun Events|StarterKit

We are in this for the long haul and plan on keeping this server up and running indefinitely. So don’t worry about putting in time, then we shut down. This is not going to happen as long as we have active players. We also have a public Teamspeak3 server for anyone to use, as well. Now with the Hunger Games plugin!


– 100 slots
– Craft C4 from BP only and no craft/research explosives
– No durability
– 1/4 craft
– Sleepers
– Starter Kit (/kit starter)
– Death Messages
– Chat history (/history)
– Hosted on (very stable, no lag)
– Very active and friendly (adult) admins on daily
– Excessive base griefing will not be tolerated
– We are watching very close for hackers and will investigate properly…Hackers/cheaters will be kicked, banned and reported

We have zero admin abuse in place. Admins play fair just as regular players do.

Need help? Just ask one of the players in game below…

Admin: Sarkk
Moderator: Devase
Moderator: Hemoglobin

We got a nice player base going. Come join us!

Come join us, guys! Newbie friendly!

Growing nicely!

We need more players. Got a nice 20 player base now, but not are on at the same time. Come join us!

We are in the process of building a PVP arena for PVP matches with prizes!

Amazing server and admins! More players and it would be perfect!

Enjoying the server! Looking forward to more competition.

Great server, eager to see more players joining

Got a really good player base going last night. Join now and enjoy the server with us!

Need more daytime players :slight_smile: