Fresh Server! UK No Mercy PVP - C4 Enabled- DoorShare - Active Admins - NO HACKER/ADMIN ABUSE

Anyone whos looking for a challenging fresh start, or pretty much anyone looking for a fresh start in general, is welcome to our new server, with all patterns dropping - available and craft-able. Airdrops are also enabled and can/might be forced if there are slightly too few players online. maxed at 1 daily unless demand changes.

Absolutely fresh server guys. We will NOT be wiping unless rust updates require it, and we will only restart when absolutely neccesary.

Remember this WONT be easy, It is a PVP oriented server, and you’ll come out a hardened veteran in the end.
Come give us your best shot :wink:


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and our Admins have absolutely NO abuse power, I am the only one authorised with the elevated commands, and I do NOT admin abuse, its the main reason I bought my own server.
I will leave my skype and steam so you can report any issues to me or to talk if you need anything.

I look forward to seeing you all in-game, hopefully not shooting too soon :wink:

skype: carl.patchett
steam: vexxer

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10 People so far in around 15 minutes, filling up quite fast and hoping this will continue.
Make sure to get in early and support us in making this a popular community server that doesnt admin abuse and deals with hackers swiftly.

and thanks to the guys already online, your help is greatly appreciated.

You can also join our IRC over on Quakenet - #UKNoMercy
and thanks to everyone who is helping make the server known through Steam discussions etc.! Its very helpful!

This server is good, it has a steadily rising community, and the admin isn’t a dick and doesn’t abuse his power, but will remove a pillar if you place it wrong. Also it has active pvp and is not very forgiving, but it’s a survival game so thats a bonus.