Fresh Server

New server Non abusive admins. High Voltage Gaming please come and join us we would love to play with you!! net.connect (in console F1)

All are welcome hackers go away,
Wreck It Ralph and High Voltage Gaming Community

He forgot to mention that we have a teamspeak server and that the Rust Server cap is 300.

Teamspeak Address: - No Password -

Server is not running any mods, and is located in Chicago.

I don’t mean to bump a post that’s in the wrong spot of the forum but it’s standard protocol to add server location and mods.

Oh my bad can admin redirect didnt see the server list

High Voltage Server Is awesome!

Bump couldnt find anywhere to list this server admin please place in server area and come join us people we welcome all and would like to get it populated enough to were we as our community can pvp we dont want to scare anyone off just yet till we get enough people and until someone attacks us :smiley: