Fresh Spawn Assistance.

I think that when you first spawn you should get god mod for 10 minutes, I know exactly what your thinking and thats why we also make it so they cant damage players or structures. I most annoying thing ever is harvesting something then all of a sudden someone starts hatching you in the back. 10 minutes is good because it gives the player enough time to get some wood for a shelter/get back to your base, maybe add some kind of buff e.g you will get 2x resources. I know people will just use it for the buff so thats why there will be a cool-down and the cool-down is based on how much things you have placed. This will get rid of people raging because they cant make a shelter or because they are being spawn killed. If you think this will make the game stupid because people will be wasting there ammo you could give the freshspawns something like a blue flare so that people can recognize fresh spawns and not waste there time.

No. Too overpowered.

what do you mean give feedback not a dead end why do you think its over powered

I hate everything but the blue flare idea, I do agree that players should get a colored flare or flag that represents there current state,
For ex:
Player (A) sees player (B), Player (A) Holds up a white flag and jumps around, Player (B) Sees this and doesn’t shoot him because he thinks he is friendly.

10 minutes is way too long for spawn protection, you would be able to troll too easily.

it doesn’t have to be 10 minutes its just an idea

10 minutes of god mode on spawn? Hell no. 10 minutes of GOD MODE would give the player the ability to:

• Get past the radiation wall.
• Kill all the zombies they want for instant blueprints.
• Collect every resource they can find with no threat, effectively hogging them all.
• This list doesn’t even need to be continued because the horrible effects are so obvious that they not need be listed.

IF they take action on spawnkilling at all, then spawn area protection is usually a good way to go. Here’s my idea:

Did you even read the thread. They wont be able to harm other players or structures

I’ll admit I didn’t see the players and structures thing at first.

They can still kill any zombies they want, get past the radiation wall, hog all the resources, etc.

Make a seperate thread with this, Its a great idea

God no. The last thing we needs is threads for every alteration of an idea.
If someone has an idea, improve on it IN THAT THREAD.

This is why this section is so cluttered.

The forum i usually go on that is not aloud you must stay OT.
Maybe we should just make a sub-section for ideas

Then post it in the suggestions thread, Sorry

It’s the same topic though. Spawn killing and proposed solutions.