Fresh spawn kills - Stop cry

well guys if you are playing guys you know the thing the people killing EVERY thing they see.
and the new players crying about the Fresh spawn kills. so stop it
this is the game if you dont like it quit and give you account to someone else.

the number one rule in any survival game - KILL OR BE KILLED.

Was the thread really necessary, also, I noticed that majority of the friendly people are fresh spawns. M4 owners are the ones that KOS the most.

OP is da bomb /endsarcasm

listen mate i was on a crew of like 17 people and now im with a team with 7 people.
we are killing every thing.
i dont care fresh spawns. if you wont kill the man he will gather stuff and be stronger and there is times that he even kills you .
if you dont want these things to happend just kill him.

So, what was the point of this post?

The point is, this post is absolutely pointless.

cant you read the title?

It’s a meaningless post though. This isn’t what the forum is about. Just for you bitch people out about ingame crying about spawn kills.

I don’t crying about kills. Therefore, this thread is pointless, and it always will be.

This entire subforum is pointless.

Hey Shane, if I remember you, I was knightrider in game. You name in game is Shane something, no offense but you need to find a new group, 1v5 is pretty pathetic that you can’t stop one person