[Fresh] Terror Squad Rust - Wiped 12/21 10am EST

Console (F1): net.connect
Quick Link: steam://connect/

Name: West Coast Warriors
Location: Los Angeles, California
Slots: 150
PVP: Yes
Sleepers: Yes
Admin: Yes
Site/Forum: If there is demand
TeamSpeak: Request in game, teams may get their own private channel.
Server restarts daily at ____ AM EST (Will update this) Edit: Everything is saved, just a quick restart for the server’s sake.

The server will ideally be as basic and vanilla as possible, meaning no annoying mods or reconfigured timers. The admin feature is enabled simply to ensure any potential hackers / glitchers are dealt with in a timely matter. The only admin is myself, and I will not be spawning items, teleporting players, or exploring other admin commands. If the server takes off and a community is built, we can eventually discuss the ideas of in game events, such as mass air drops at scheduled times, but only if there’s fairly strong demand for such. PVP will always remain on, but we hope to build a strong foundation of members who enjoy playing together, whether it be as friend or foe.

At this time donations are not accepted, we’re fine as we are. We will never support a pay to win game style at any point, even if we do one day accept donations.

Good server. Worth playing on. =)

Changing server name, OP edited to reflect such.

Server is up after a bit of downtime today.