[Fresh] [UK/EU] IronOx | Anti-Cheat | Active Admins | Classic

Welcome to IronOx. I am Drumy, one of the head admins on our awesome server.
There are alot of popular Rust servers out there, lots of them, hacker filled, KOS filled etc.

Well, let me present IronOx, our brand new server, which aims to give you THE BEST Classic Rust experience.

  • Who are we? We are a friendly bunch with a huge Rust experience, we are tired of joining servers with large forts already built and our homes destroyed over night by overgeared people.
  • What are our goals? We heavily Admin the server on our free time every day, we answer ur questions, generally be very friendly.

Sleepers / Airdrop currently at 40 Players / Friendly staff / CheatPunch

Join us on net.connect .

Thank you for reading this post, see you ingame friend!