Fresh US Server DALLAS! Rust ++ (Door Sharing, Sleepers, Air Drops) - VANILLA

This server is going to be kept vanilla as much as possible, we do want to incorporate some benefits of using Rust ++ such as door sharing. The server is live today so it’s completely fresh!

You are getting an experienced team of admins that have run servers before on a dedicated 100 man server. We also have a teamspeak that players can use for no fees or donations, we will custom make channels for groups that establish themselves (and set their leadership with channel admin rights).

The server is name is changing, but it is currently Dysfunction.
To connect to us hit F1 and type:

We are going to work hard to keep one large group from snow balling and bullying other players, but still allow power houses the reign if they earn it.
There will be no admin bullshit here! We will not be spawning in anything for anyone, so don’t even bother asking.
We will not be teleporting anyone anywhere, so do not ask.
Hackers will be banned without warning. (Vac bans are kicked immediately).**

Come and check us out!

People are already coming in, if you want a fresh start here on a clean server, come give us a try.

Sub Admins will also be streaming to have transparency for no abuse.

We will also be starting events very soon!

If you are looking for a fresh start on a server run by a fantastic host, little to no lag, copious amounts of space to do whatever, this is a great server to join.

If you are new to Rust, joining a server like this one is going to give you the best starting experience possible, no hackers, no griefers, and plenty of space to experiment and learn!

Updates made against hackers, fresh wipe was done. Come join us.