FRESH WIPE 02-01-2014 GlassCannonGaming [50%crafttime]+Bolt Action Rifle

-------------------------------------FRESH WIPE 02-01-2014-------------------------------------------

We decided to wipe the server due to the DDOS attack which left alot of abonnded building all over the map, join if you want to get a fresh start and a change to find the Bolt Action Rifle


Come Survive with us at our GlassCannon Gaming Rust Server. Our IP:
(you can use IP to join by pressing F1 at the title screen and entering “net.connect” then pressing enter).

We have 2 Active Admins and 50% faster crafting.
Until the Bolt Action Rifle is obtainable in-game we will be placing 1-2 random chests with one in it.
And if server count reaches 25 we will place a Bolt Action Rifle in a random loot spot, Happy Hunting!!

Server Rules:

  • No Racism
  • No Exploiting/Cheating in any way
  • No Server Advertising
  • No Complaining about about being killed.

At GlassCannon Gaming we promote fun, clean servers with No Downtime.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum, make one thread not two" - postal))