FRESH WIPE 03/14/14 /Noob / Sleeper / Friendly NOABUSE / / Airdrop! / Mod++ / DailyBackups / NoServerDowntime! / -Useful Start Kits!-



~UPDATE GUILDS!~ (Update 03/14/14)
Server Wipe Everyone~ Nice and clean. 03.14.14

~UPDATE GUILDS!~ (Update 03/11/14)
Mod++ are now running again! Sorry for the downtime everyone. Mods went down late friday with some updates that come from our servers. Unfortunately admins were not available ALL Weekend; Not Acceptable!! This has prompted us to Start looking for afew more dedicated, responsible, and mature individuals who would like to take on the role of an admin. If you are interested please contact us asap! thanks everyone.

~UPDATE GUILDS!~ (Update 03/07/14)
Coming soon! Guild wars. LOOK below for more details!
Look back soon to find out the location of 2 Server run Guilds!
-If you are interested in Running one of the two guilds please contact!

As a guild member you will have access to your guilds Main building, Group support, and your own apartment style safe house.
Too join one of the two Server Run guilds check back soon for map location and the Names of the people running the guilds.

-Got an idea? Let us know. We just want the game to be fun for you!

~UPDATE AIRDROP~ (Update 03/07/14)
Auto Airdrops set to happen when a min of 5 players online!

~UPDATED CRAFT TIMES~ (Update 03/06/14)
Crafting Set to Half Craft! Only takes 50% of the regular time to craft items! Not sure if this will be a permanent feature of the server so enjoy for now all!
~UPDATED STARTER KIT~ (Update 03/06/14)**
Starter kit now includes:
-Sleeping Bag
-Wood Shelter
-Revolver / Ammo
-Camp Fire
-Stone Hatchet
-Raw Chicken Breast


Newb Friendly Everyone!
Buildings placed around the map near the road to help beginners with hunting and getting around in the dark (lotsa camp fires!).
Keep in mind that this is a newb friendly server! that being said rust is also a survivalist game so Player Vs Player combat will happen! Just try not to be one of those asses who Is always KOS’Ing. Currently two admins, who WILL NOT ABUSE. They can be pretty nice. admins WILL NOT go around killing people like on so many other servers. no abuse.

Long server Run time! Daily backups to avoid major Game loss. Woo hoo!!!

Rust++ MOD Enabled! (It goes down with updates, let an admin know or post here please to restart it!)
Enjoy enhanced Chat Features.
auto Airdrops
Starter Kits
Friends list
Private messaging
and more. simply just type /help for more details in game.

Hacker notice!
No mercy. Kicked.Banned.Forgotten. GET a life.
Please list hackers in thread when you cant get ahold of an admin so they can investigate.

Connecting To Server
To connect to server
Open rust,
At main splash screen of rust press f1 and type

You will only have to do this the first time. Every time after simply look under your history.
Happy rusting all! see you on the Field.

Server Run Guilds: - Still in development
-Coming soon!

Rust Map