FRESH WIPE 3/15 - NYC Hosted, PVP, 50 Slot, Half-Craft

Freebuild and kill gaming community ( has wiped their server today. It’s 50 slot, PVP with NoSleep running with light mods. You can /location and /list. Admins are nice and do not interfere with anything but hackers; essentially we do nothing but play too! We welcome people that want to play and be friendly as well as the people that wish to KoS and cause havoc. This is Rust as it was intended with only slight mods.

PvP: On
Sleepers: Off
Crafting-time-percent: 50%
Slots: 50
Address: net.connect

Come join us! :slight_smile:

Great first day was had, a few building were made. No one has full metal house parts yet. Come join us for a fresh start!