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Wiped 04/07 [EU] 21stCenturyRust|Remove|Kits|Slpr|Grps|Airdrop|Share

It’s great to see you’ve made it this far, why not drop by and try your hand at becoming the best around! Welcome to our up and coming server, 21st Century Rust. A group of us played on an older server but the admins got out of control reimbursing raid victims, building in rocks for players and falling prey to their own greed (money grabbing people) so we disbanded and are proud to bring you a beautiful new server for old and new faces. Make friends, group up, build up, farm up, with active and friendly staff and a noob friendly environment (as much as we can be).

We are still in the process of adding all of the plugins so please bear with us.

Here are just some of the features we will offer:

★List other connected players ( /list )
★Sleepers ON
★1/2 Craft
★Starter kits ( /kits )
★Remove plugin ( /remove) to Activate and De-Activate
★No Durability
★Deny Foundation ( No more chests under foundations )
★FPS Booster ( /fps to turn it on and /fpsoff to turn it off, /grass will toggle grass on or off. )
★Private Messaging ( /pm NAME to send private messages to other players )
★Stats (you can see your Kills and Deaths with it and the Top Killers/Losers /shelp )
★VACKicker (Ban’s player’s with a VAC Ban )
★Rick’s Anti-Cheat ( Ban’s speedhacker’s and flyhacker’s )
★Rick’s ping - Use /ping to see your ping.
★Much more on the way!

Some basic rules for players;

  1. Don’t cheat, hack, glitch, exploit or abuse. Some might be tempted because of Alpha-crap-code. But don’t! You will get a ban.
  2. Don’t log in with colored names or write in color. It’s not kindergarden.
  3. If you’re unsure if something is an exploit, just check with one of the admin’s before using or doing it.
  4. You don’t have to be best friends in chat. But of course there are limits to rudeness.
  5. Try to keep it English only in chat, we do have /pm and feel free to speak your native tongue over mic, just don’t spam.
  6. Don’t yell: “hacker!!!” when you are suspicious (it warns them to toggle); add an Admin on steam and share your worries there.

We have a TS server and we can get you a room to use!

If you have any suggestions or creative ideas to make the server a better place, you are always welcome to share them! In the future we will have some balanced donation packs to help you on your way to victory. We hope to see you soon,

The 21st Century Rust Team


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Anyone who connects on the first day of our brand new server will receive a 2x2x1 house, a furnace, campfire, sleepingbag, workbench, bow, 20 arrows, revolver, 50 bullets, full cloth armor, 10 cooked chicken, hatchet, pickaxe and 2 medkits.

Voting is now up!:

For in game rewards Revolver 100 ammo 100 ores and 250 wood