Fresh Wipe!* Multiplay :: [DE/EU] German Server/noWipe/ActiveAdmins/27.02.14

:: [DE/EU] German Server/noWipe/ActiveAdmins/27.02.14 21:30 UTC +1

Server started today! 27.02.2014

Greetings dear people of Rust!
We would like to introduce you to our server!

Name: Multiplay :: [DE/EU] German Server/noWipe/ActiveAdmins/27.02.14
Slots: 150

Hosted in Frankfurt, Germany

How to join our server:
Press F1 to open the console and type in:



  • Airdrops 10+
  • Active Admins
  • No Admin Abuse!
  • No annoying wipes (only in case of updates)
  • Secured by Cheatpunch!
  • PvP
  • Craftable C4
  • Regular crafting time
  • Sleepers on
  • Community Teamspeak


  • No Cheating/Hacking (will result in a ban)
  • Respect other players
  • No insults or flaming

Have fun and enjoy your stay. We look forward to playing with you…or against :slight_smile:


Hi, i tried this server. very communicative and helpful admins.
no lags so far. recommended.
i will stay on this server !
see ya

Really good server, no lags, friendly and helpful admins. Totally recommanded.
Hope this server will get more players :slight_smile:
See ya



Reached our first player-goal. Come on, we need more



true story bro

10+ players most of the time now

Got the 20

Keep it going guys