FRESH WIPE [US] 6/22-NO DURA-SLEEPERS-No Griefing-Noob Friendly-Active Admins-Airdrops


We had enough of Cheaters/Hackers, crazy Admins or Admin Abuse and several other annoying things, so we got the idea of getting our own server.
We are active & friendly Admins and would like to see some more Players on our Server, we dont abuse anything, we play legit and if somebody is stucked/needs help we get there in less than 30 secs.

Language - DE/EU
Server Status - Vanilla
Lagfree - Yes
Admins - Active and friendly
Aidrop - at 25 ppl
PVP - Yes
Russian IP - Ban
Cheater/Hacker - Ban
Next Wipe - Not planned yet