Fresh wipe!!! [US Chicago] 1337 Competitive Rust :: WIPED 3/25 :: 1/2 Dura :: Active Admins

Tired of playing against noobs? Not having fun bc you’re just dominating every server? Well then bring your group, or ballsy self, to 1337 Competitive Rust! At 1337 Rust we have a competitive, KOS environment. If you’re looking for a carebear server to farm nodes and use your social skills to circumvent catching a face full of lead, you should try somewhere else. We are trying to foster a server that is cut-throat Rust. No extensive mods to make the game easier, no starter kits, any of that bs. 200+ hours of gameplay are recommended, if you’re looking for a place to learn the game try elsewhere. Thanks for the read you can reach me on steam at