FRESH Wiped 1/26 [US] PvP | SLP | Rustic | Best Addons!

Hello everyone, I was tired of constant wipes and unfair admins so I have created a new server for everyone to enjoy. I will be selecting admins from the first few dedicated players.

All players are welcome. Build a base, pvp, kill zombies - It is all balanced. Choose whichever pleases you.

No tolerance for hackers or base griefers (ex. Placing pillars on other’s foundations). We have active admins on to watch suspected hackers and ban them after sufficient evidence is gathered. We will also undo griefs to help restore your home.

-Fresh Server (1/26)
-.7 craft
-No planned wipes
-”Rustic”- better like that pipe shotgun of yours. (you can only get low quality metal from zombies (rare) and air drops. Blueprints for military weapons drop off zombies at very rare rates. You can also get military weapons and accessories from air drops. This makes weapons like the pipe shotgun very viable due to the rarity of weapons like the m4.
-20 People airdrops
-Door Share
-C4 is craftable
-Explosives are zombie drops only.
-Research anything
-We will be holding events that can give you special items such as airdrop beacons (more on this later)
-Economy. Earn money and spend it on a wide variety of items!

I hope you will give this server a try!


Server Forum:

The server I was playing on just wiped without notice… going to try you guys! Seems like this server has the long term in mind.

Just please no wipes without a community vote!

Willing to give it a shot, the ‘rustic’ setting should be a interesting dynamic.

There is no wipes unless an update forces it. All changes and or wipes if there happened to be one would be put to vote. The vote would stay up for a few days before it would happen.

There should be a strong community and believe that changes should be in there hands.

Welcome to the server glad to have you

Hey guys been playing on the server for about a day.

Having fun and loving the rustic server rules. Would be awesome to get a few more people on here for airdrops!

Fun so far, good to not have everyone running around with military weapons.

I agree to many military weapons ruins the game that’s why we have it on rare. It looks like we are getting more and more people that are interested in our server. Glad you are all having fun.

This server is awesome so far!

The Rustic atmosphere really helps this game… its cool that military weapons are rare. Most fights are with pipe shotguns/bows/revolvers!

Yes you really have to like that Pipe shotgun of yours. Over all there is a good balance with the drops. It makes it more rewarding when you get the better guns/c4 and that is just the start.

Let all your friends know about the server we have a steady increase in population already.

Server seems to be undergoing a few changes.

Can we get a list of changes please?

I tell you a few things that we changed.

It was extremely hard to get explosives for c4. so the drop rate is a little higher now making it more viable to get but still make them semi rare. Making raiding more possible now.

As for the other changes was mostly just to zombie drops and economy. There was a balance in the loot as well as new crate drops.

Well, this server died didn’t it?