Fretta Contest Discussion - request for input

I have a simple website up here - explaining what we have decided so far:

Here’s what I’m thinking at the moment:

The contest will start officially around the start of December and will end around the start of February… this is to give the people that have work and school the xmas holiday to do their coding in (Which seems fitting, since that’s how GMod was created).

The Fretta gamemode base will be committed to Steam, on the live branch - but without any gamemodes.

A Fretta SDK will be available for download as a zip file which will most likely consist of a skeleton gamemode. Possibly with some other gamemodes in the zip - or available to download - to be used as a base - or as a reference.

So - what do ya’ll think? This all sound right?

Sounds good, two months are time enough to code a good fretta gamemode :slight_smile:

Sorry, meant START of Feb

Nice idea. I love how you could have your own Steam achievements. I’d still rather use judges than the Facepunch through.

I am the real <insert name here/winner> incoming! :smiley:

This sounds great

Do gamemodes have to be team based? For example my Puzzle gamemode is focussed on single players trying to beat all other players.

What, where the hell does it imply it has to be team based only?

No, they don’t. Aslong as it’s Fretta, it’s qualified.

Garry, are you allowed to code in groups (And split the prize money)?

I disagree with the ModDB profiling (we don’t need yet ANOTHER thing to keep track of), but other than that the premise is good.

All Fretta gamemodes I have seen so far are team based, so it isn’t such a dumb question as you might think.

That’s a lot of money.

But I’m with Sunrise in that using the Facepunch community as judges isn’t the greatest idea. If anything, what we need are people who are completely unfamiliar with Gmod to test the gamemodes and see which ones they like best. This is the best scenario for a few reasons:

  1. No bias. These “judges” have no clue who made these gamemodes, how much effort went into them, who supported them, etc. They aren’t going to change their decision based on these factors.
  2. The whole point of this is to help promote Gmod community content for new players. If we’re trying to draw more people into playing Gmod, these gamemodes should appeal to non-Gmodders.

Just clarify: Judged by Facepunch Studios, not Facepunch forums, correct?

(meaning you and Gwilty right?)

I doubt Garry would fork out $5000 for 5 gamemodes he personally dislikes, so I assume so…

Yeah we will be judging, not you guys

Yeah non-teamplay gamemodes are of course allowed (we love coop btw)

What’s the problem with the moddb profiles? It makes it a lot easier for us to examine and download your gamemodes, and makes them look more proper.

I’m totally in for this. Garry, prepare for awesome :smile:

This seems like a great idea besides the requirement of a ModDB profile.
Can’t you just make a forum for submissions and discussion about this?

And the gamemode can be anything?

No special theme will be given, unlike the usual Gamemode coding contests?

If so, then totally do it.

Nope, whatever gets the top rating gets the top rating as long as you own all rights to it.