Fretta crashing

I would like to know, why fretta crash’d so often with "Memory could not be ‘read’ "? I have a very old computer (P4 2.4 ghz, 512 MB RAM, GeForce TI 4200 (latest driver), Windows XP), but there are no crashes in other gamemodes :open_mouth:

So…what can I do for reduce crash-count?

512MB ram seems out of place.

So, its not enough for playing? Why? Why for other gamemodes its enough :open_mouth: .

Just get a new stick of RAM. RAM is one of THE cheapest pieces of computer hardware out there. £30 for a 1GB stick wouldn’t seem unreasonable. I have 2GB and it plays modern games as well as a 6GB PC would do.

And what about that you can’t find a DDR1 RAM stick in most shops now?
And even DDR3 is cheaper than DDR1 in Russia now.