[Fretta] CrateWars Gamemode. It's more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Build, Destroy, Repeat. Cratewars is a quick paced, no wait, construction, destruction, deathmatch, capture the flag, combination that will mix your creativity with logic in a fun round of multiplayer action.

[h2]How do I play and what the **** is this?[/h2]
Build round 2mins: Place boxes to gain an advantage. You are restricted to one side and must prepare for the offencive wave. Left click to spawn a box. Right click to refund.
Fight round 10mins: You can still place boxes but now the wall is lifted and your gun is ready to fire. Kill the enemy or capture the flag for points. Team with the most points wins.

  • 1 for Kill, 5 box points
  • 5 for Flag cap, 25 box points, 10 for everyone on team
  • Grenades cost 25 box points


  • Snap-to building for easy perfect placement
  • Resized blocks perfect for hiding
  • Buildings load from a textfile giving you random maps everytime
  • Flags giving the player a goal and direction minimizing camping
  • 3D2D hints so you quickly know who is doing what with whos flag and how to handle it (defend, kill, capture, return)
  • 1 offencive gun making the game fair and easy to pick up
  • Grenades to blow through walls in time of need but deal no damage to players
  • Point system rewarding players for success and team work
  • Instant respawn making the game fast and never dull
  • Above default run speed rewarding smart move while running
  • Slow regeneration after 5 seconds of no damage rewarding smart moves to stay alive

[h2]So whats this look like?/Media:[/h2]

This is a two player test. This gamemode is not designed for this few people playing. A larger scale test should come soon.




Haven’t tried it, but I’m happy to see something new. Good job.

Looking good, i will get this added to the JokerIce fretta mini games server soon.

Thanks For the support

Report back with how people reacted.

Uploaded and played on SammyServers Fretta a few times. Most people seemed to enjoy it, although each time it seems to get slightly less interesting. I guess that goes for anything, but right now it just seems like every game is the same? Perhaps add some kind of twist to it, to keep things more interesting?

A few things we noticed:

Sometimes, you can pick up your own flag. Perhaps this is intentional?
It seems that you can’t return your own flag after killing the carrier?

An error we got (server), although it didn’t seem to affect any gameplay:

Lua Error: [@gamemodes\cratewars\entities\weapons\weapons_box\shared.lua:108] bad argument #1 to ‘SetPos’ (Vector expected, got no value)

Yeah I think thats the hardest thing about making any type of game, keeping people interested.

You should never be able to pick up your own flag since it checks what team your on and only lets to other team pick up the flag and returning the flag is time based so it will return after 20 seconds I think. The point being was that you protect it with a fort.

We will get a update out as asap with all the bugs and some optimization.

Thanks for the feedback