Fretta: Dead or alive? And should I use it?

I’m looking at doing a team based game mode.

A few of the game modes I’ve had a look at and some tutorials (some old, some new) use Fretta as a base, and using it as a framework to get the new game mode up and running, as well as using Fretta as a sort of “best practice” guide.

But I’m getting mixed messages around the place. Some say Fretta died when GMod 13 came out, but it looks like some have tried to revive it themselves. So far, I haven’t been able to tell if there’s an accepted & stable version about for new game modes.

**Is Fretta still alive? Should I use it for a new game mode? Where should I grab it from? **

Most of the Fretta remakes are simply there for compatibility sake. You can still use the remake as a base, but I would recommend starting from the ground up on your own team-based gamemode.

Fair enough, sounds like Fretta should not be used for new game modes these days.

Is Fretta a good source for “how best to do things”?

I haven’t looked in the code in a long time, but to my knowledge, it still uses a lot of GM11/12 networking techniques that could be done a lot more efficiently. If you want to take inspiration, that’s great, but always cross-reference the wiki.