Fretta Default "Class Description" Area

Well, as you can see, the ‘Scouts’ description is cut short by what seems to be a small boundary box. How would I make this larger? I have scanned through all the lua files in the fretta base, but can’t seem to find anything even remotely related…

All fretta gamemodes are like this. The class description gets cut off.

Ah well, I’ll just rephrase my descriptions to a few words :stuck_out_tongue:


It gets cut off, but you solve this problem by making new lines with "
". For example:

"This string

is a multiline


The "
" didn’t work


Hmm, after spawning as any class, pressing F1, “Change Class”, you now seem to get 2 lines.

Yet the initial Class Selection give only 1 line, with or without "

(I also notice a fail of a spelling mistake in the classes description >.<)