Fretta FastDL dont work!

Im trying to setup a FastDL Server for my Fretta Server.
I have a “Windows Server 2008” rootserver, the FastDl and the Server are hosted on the same machine.
My config:

//title & passwords 
hostname 		"*****"
sv_password 		"" 
rcon_password 		"*****"
//server cvars 
sv_lan 			0
sv_region 		255
sv_cheats 		0
sv_stats 		0
sv_timeout		60
sv_alltalk 		1
sv_allowdownload 	0
sv_allowupload		0

I put all the maps from “/gamemodes/every_single_gamemode/content/maps” into the normal “/garrysmod/maps” and also all the gamemodes with the maps in “/content” on the FastDL.
Everything downloads fine, exept the maps. It disconnects me with the message “Missing map”
i can download all maps normally over my Browser from the FastDL, but not over the game.
When i turn the FastDl off it will download the maps from “/gamemodes/blabla/content/maps/”
I also googled around for about 1 1/2 hour, but only found unsolved Threads.
Hope someone can help me with that.


Sorry for my bad english.