Fretta gamemode, question..

Hey FP users.

Y’all heard about the fretta where you can make your own gamemode easily and so on?
Then you probably heard of the Facepunch Fretta server too!

If you have seen the Facepunch server there is a voting system for which gamemode you want and there is a HUGE pack of Fretta gamemodes to choose from…

Where can i get that “pack”, you know: The Fretta gamemode, All the small fretta games, and the voting system?

I just want it exactly like the Facepunch server :v:


The beta SVN

Where can I find it?

And by the way I like the way you rate me dumb just because I did not knew. :v:

Just search for it in gamemode section.

I searched for the “Beta SVN”, not what i looked for.

Looking for the Fretta Gamemode with all minigames made included + voting system.

Right in the fretta thread


Thanks for the useful answers.

You may close this nao!

BTW: What does /thread mean? Always wondered…

Rate me dumb and answer please :wtc:


Thanks for the dumb and rate me one more because i need another peek of help.

How do i launch the Fretta in any way when it’s in the Sourcemod folder?!?!

I know I shouldn’t bump so early but i really need help so here goes.

Restart steam, and there should be a “Garry’s Mod (Beta)” in your games list. That will be the Garry’s Mod you’ll need to run to work on Fretta related things.

/thread if it were to be read literally would mean “this is the end of the thread” because in HTML and some other languages when you end something you have </command>. Like with bold being [noparse]** and **[/noparse]. However it is never used by someone to mean that, it is typically meant to be funny. Such as someone posting a really awesome car in a thread discussing cars, people may reply with “/thread” because no one could ever top that so there is no point in continuing discussion. It’s rarely funny though.

He’s right, he’s also not a slow cow.

Thanks for that :v:

But the Garry’s mod Beta version is in my Steam and I can play it, also I actually did that before you said it.
But I want it on my server that I am not hosting. The hoster is

Hey did you ever think that only runs Counter Strike servers?

Actually, uh, they’re currently providing me with a Garry’s Mod server. They do a whole range of Source engine games, and their pricing is competitive. Names are misleading…

I don’t think they’d run the beta, though.

So is this a acual gamemode? You said it appears as another game? Wheres the fretta for a gmod server?

he’s not dumb he’s just dosnt look at the forums every day like us :stuck_out_tongue: gl with the gamemode

So can i or can’t i :v:

Need any help, ask ^^

Since I feel the need to not be a duche, just:

  1. Checkout this URL to your desktop with your favorite svn client:

  2. Then FTP it’s contents up to your server’s garrysmod folder.

  3. Finally, restart your server and switch to your favorite fretta gamemode on a compatible map.