Fretta Gamemode

I am trying to create a function that will turn a player into a zombie if killed by a zombie. So far i have got this:
function Zombify(killer, victim)
if killer:Team() == TEAM_ZOMBIE and victim:Team() == TEAM_COMBINE or TEAM_REBELS or TEAM_MINGEBAG then
victim:SetTeam( TEAM_ZOMBIE )

I end up with an error.I have put it in init.lua

What is the error?

The error is when i try load the gamemode. Fretta fucks up. It says something like Unknown command “seensplash” in chat and my gamemodes derives from sandbox!

First of all, your arguments are messed up and you didn’t even hook the function.
Also, Team() returns the value you assigned the team when you made it using (team.SetUp [the first argument])

So somewhere you’ll have something like this in init.lua or any serverside file.

team.SetUp (1, "Zombies", Color (40, 255, 40, 255))
team.SetUp (2, "Combine", Color (40, 40, 255, 255))
team.SetUp (3, "Rebels", Color (20, 20, 20, 255))
team.SetUp (4, "Mingebags", Color (255, 255, 255, 255))

function Zombify( vic, inf, kil ) -- victim (person killed), inflictor (weapon or entity that did the dmg), and killer(person who killed)
    if kil:Team() == 1 and vic:Team() == 2 or vic:Team() == 3 or vic:Team() == 4 then
        vic:SetTeam( 1 )

hook.Add( "PlayerDeath", "zombifyOnDeath", Zombify )

I had the hook i just didnt include it in here. But ill test this out and edit my post if it works. Thanks.
And i do not need to set up my teams i have done that. Im using my Fretta Gamemode.