Fretta help. Physicsgun.

I’m not really a lua coder so this question is probably really stupid.

But can i add the physics gun to a fretta gamemode? I already figured theres no way to use the q menu since it’s not sandbox based. But yeah, Will the physicsgun work if i add it as a weapon?

And since i don’t have a q menu. Is it possible to use the derma panel explained in this article to create sort of a q menu? I guess i could, But is there anyway to make it show thumbnails of the props like in sandbox?

Also, Could i use KeyPress to make the menu appear?

Thanks for any help.
I’m not completely unfamiliar with lua as i once helped with another gamemode doing some sents and stuff. But as for now, I don’t really know what the hell I’m doing.

You should take a look at the fortwars fretta gamemode. :wink:

When looking trough the fretta thread i saw that it had a nice spawn menu and stuff.

But wont i get hated on if i steal stuff from it? I could of course make it look different, But it would probably be kind of hard to get the code differ that much.