Fretta help?

Hey guys,

Been playing on some fretta servers recently, and decided to get my own server going with fretta on it.

Problem is, I cannot find information on it anywhere. From what I understand its already a part of gmod and I just add the gamemodes?

I’ve downloaded a fretta gamemode and I can’t get it working.

ANY help would be awesome!


Fretta was removed from GMod in the GMod 13 update.

In that case do you know where I can download it manually then because there’s a tonne of servers running it :frowning:

Thanks though!

Jetboom had ported Fretta for GMod 13. You can find the SVN link in his Extreme Football Showdown thread:

Thanks, although I think the link may be dead as it just says “Authorization failed” when I try to import it.

(Well tbh, I haven’t got much of a clue when it comes to svn, I’ve downloaded turtlesvn client and tried importing it?)

EDIT: Ok, downloaded it and installed, aswell as a gamemode which supports it (bomb tag) , how would I launch it on my server? Just launching the map doesn’t activate it?

Thanks in advance!

You have to edit bomb tag to derive off the base of fretta13. You will also have to edit Bomb Tag so that it works on Gmod 13.

i thought you didnt have to edit it to work with gmod 13