Fretta Help

I decided to pursue Lua coding for Garrysmod. I’ve got most of the basics down, such as variables, loops, functions, tables, etc. So I decided to mess around with Fretta. I’ve got everything working, but I’m at a loss. My gamemode is almost a carbon copy of Rambo_6’s tutorial, but he didn’t give instructions on cl_init.lua.
So I decided "Eh what the hell, I’ll just take the cl_init.lua and remove the include lines for shit I don’t have then see if it works. I guess this thread is both a request for better documentation on how to use Fretta, and a general cry for help. If there already is documentation on how to correctly use Fretta, I’d appreciate a link.

Sadly all the fretta wiki pages are empty or have little info. I’m also making a fretta gamemode and you could use the sample garry has for the contest that already has the init,cl_init, and shared lua files.