Fretta help

I started playing on it today, I thought up what might happen if Garry Theft Auto took place in blahhh. When it loaded, it was a deathmatch (The gamemode). When I clicked vote to change game, the menu popped up (I was doing this in singleplayer) and I saw that I had 0 games. Is there a download for Fretta? I downloaded Garryware but that is the only game I downloaded for Fretta. I saw this server with ferreta and it had all whose minigames.


and if this is supossed to be in the Fretta contest fourm, please tell me

Fretta is just a gamemode base; you need the base in order to play the other gamemodes on single player. Most of the downloads are in the fretta contest forum, you place them in their appropriate folders in order to play them. When you start your gamemode, you need to choose the gamemode you want to start with first.

Here’s an example: I download LaserTag.

  1. I need Fretta, if I don’t already have it(you should).
  2. I need the gamemode installed as well
  3. When I create the game, I need to set it up to start with the first gamemode I want to play. In this example, it’s LaserTag, so under gamemodes, I would choose LaserTag and it’s map, then start.