[FRETTA] Ideas

Hello, This my first thread. Period.

I have some Fretta gamemode ideas I though that i should post.

Here we go.

Garry Ball Z

DESCRIPTION: A gamemode based on DBZ. Its pretty much a DM But theres more.


  • Two teams, Humans And Saiyans

  • Custom sweps

  • Fly/Blast Swep (Left And Right click to Fire energy balls, And R To fly.)

  • A scouter that will Show the players Power level.

  • A powerlevel system. (Will gain overtime And lose when you use a swep)

  • Specific SWEP is stripped at a certain power level.

  • Sayains can go Super after X amount of time, Increasing there PL.

  • Cool looking HUD

  • Custom Player Models.

  • Custom map (Like A rocky landscape)

  • Lasers and stuff

  • Buyable items from F4 Menu

  • Extra HUD images (Double kill, Triple kill .Ect)

Cell Wars

DESCRIPTION: A special DM (Sorta) You start as a cell and you can upgrade it and kill other Cells.


  • A point System that lets you buy upgrades (Cell Points, Glucose Stuff like that.

  • Custom Cell (Color And stuff)

  • Temp (Too cold and your cell will die, Use Glucose to make Heat.)

  • NPCS (Virus)

  • Must build defense to fight off Virus NPCs

  • 2D View

  • You get Glucose for killing Viruses and Cells.

  • Grow your cell to be bigger

  • An F4 (Or F1) Menu that shows upgrades

  • Powerups (Like Health, Glucose Double, 2X Damage)

Cats Vs. Dogs

DESCRIPTION: Its the battle of cats and dogs. Get powerups and stuff


  • Special classes (Like Flea Flicker)

  • Custom sweps (Simple ones like Scratches or bites)

  • Fast and agile classes

  • Power to flick fleas (Fleas will blur your screen for a moment, And increase damage done (Like Jarate from TF2!) )

  • Custom Models

  • Custom maps (Like A house)