Fretta is not working right.

So, I got fretta, and now, every gamemode, the rounds never starts, or ends.
Only with the ones that are included with Garry’s Mod work, and deathrun.
The rest dont have working rounds.
I don’t know why.
Help please?
No lua errors that relate to Fretta.
I’m using Exsto admin mod.
I have Mad Cows weapons, and Fishing Mod for sandbox.

I’m not sure where this goes, so please move it to where neccesary, and I moved this from gamemodes since its got more to do with LUA than anything.
Please don’t ban me for wrong section, I’m not sure whether it goes here, or Newbie Questions.

Define “the rest of them”.

The round never starts, or ends, or has a working timer or anything.
Picture to explain the gamemodes that don’t work.

Bumpidy dump.

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Basically same problem as this guy.!!!

I need help bad, server is going dead due to no fretta.

Please refrain from bumping your own thread. Are there any errors in your console?

None other than wire errors, I don’t think so.
Is there a method of checking logs?
Because there might have been a few.
I use Console version of SRCDS, so I can’t really get much info.

Turn on condebug(in properties), restart and upload the console.log onto pastebin.

Restart server?

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Wait, so +condebug in command/batch line?


Where does the console.log turnup?

Default garrysmod directory …

Theres 2, one for poltergeist, one for rest of Gamemodes, for rest of gamemodes.
Poltergeist, the rounds cycle, but the rounds dont end or start, theres no round timer either. it just scrambles teams and spawns players like normal.
For the rest, it doesn’t spawn anyone, doesn’t end the round, doesn’t do anything, rest of gamemode works fine though.
Poltergeist Pastebin
Rest of Fretta Pastebin.

I havent worked with fretta too much so I am probably wrong, but I would try a newer version or reinstalling it.

THis is the newest version of the fretta base, it’s in Garry’s Mod itself.

I need this fixed soon or my servers going to DIE (not really).