Fretta Mini Games?

So I have the fretta gamemode in my server and I have other gamemodes like surf for fretta but how do I add it in?

You’d start off by deriving the surf game-mode off of fretta.

Say, you have gamemodes/surf, inside you would make a file called surf.txt

Inside that file you’d have something like:

"surf" // This needs to be the name of the folder
	"base"		"fretta13" // this is the important bit, and can be changed if you get another base
	"title"		"GAMEMODE NAME"
	"maps"		"^surf_" // change the surf_ to whatever map prefixes you are using
	"menusystem"	"1"
	"workshopid"	"0"
	"Selectable"	"1"
	"fretta_maps" // Decides what prefixes should come up in the Fretta vote, multiple ones can be added
		"1"	"surf_" 

	"description"	"GAMEMODE DESCRIPTION." // If I recall, what you put here will show up when you hover over an option on the vote

As well, as this, go into your shared.lua of the gamemode and put:


That should be it. It’ll now come up in the f1 change gamemode vote and use Fretta13 as the base.

To save me from another thread, which I’ll do if this isn’t the place, but could someone give me some help with Fretta, as well?

I’ve been working with Fretta13 for a while now, but I’ve recently starting putting things on my dedicated server. I have an issue in that whenever I change gamemode, it’ll remain on the same one. Like, if I’m on Team Deathmatch and want to go Sniper Wars, it’ll just stay on TD. It works all okay on Singleplayer, there are no errors and even stuff like Extreme Football Throwdown doesn’t change properly, so I know it’s not my gamemodes.