Fretta -> my own mod, help!

So i followed this tutorial

I opyed the base folder and renamed it, deleted the shared.lua nad the init.lua and made then like in the tutorial, and also made the class .lua, but its cot seems to be working?? its my very first try with this. so i need some advise.

where can i find a list of weapons and models ? (just the standard one) like


cuz ex with the model i dont know where its located so i cant see the other standard files.

if i want to add some models by my self where to put the files ?? (i know i have to remember to give credit)

thanks for taking you time helping me / reading this :slight_smile:

Not sure about 1, but for 2, use the Q menu in sandbox, and 3, /gamemodes/whatever/content/models/etc.

okay thanks

Right click spawn icon, and click “Get model info” or some shit like that and its in your clipboard.

okay, but the thing with the models are still not working (number 3 question)