Fretta Point system


if youve ever played on one of the noxious servers, you will see that it has a money system that when you win rounds adds points, and pressing F4 Brins up an items menu, Such as headcrab hats/Paper bag hat/melon hat

Can somebody tell me how to do this/ give me a code?
i really want it for my fretta server


Its not a relase man!



That sucks…

cant anybody make one?

It’s not particularly difficult, tbh. I’m not sure where they got the hats from, but with a basic knowledge of lua you should be able to do this yourself.

It depends on how you want to implement it. Do you want to save it as a text file, or upload it to an SQL?

Choose text file if you are never going to have any automatic outside factors determine the points, otherwise use something like MySQL that has multiple access points. If you want to get really advanced, you could use LuaSocket to send the data from a PHP script :3

Could somebody make this please :slight_smile:
( not mysql )

or just get a copy of nox scripts they are not hard to get as they were leaked but im not going to post them as i just got unbanned

pm? :L