Fretta- Problem with creating a menu.

I’m building a Fretta gamemode which will have the players select a loadout. This loadout consists of a pistol, a primary weapon, and two other things. The problem is I want to display these in four columns. I’ve no idea how to do this. Currently I only have the primary and pistol implemented in a single column, but this is inelegant and confusing. How should I go about creating a series of columns, each of which I can fill independently? I currently have the menu set up so that it is accessed via a button on the F1 menu. Ideally, this new method would behave in a similar fashion.

How should I go about doing this? I’m inexperienced with vgui (weapons being my area of expertise), so you may need to spell some things out for me.

play with the derma stuff. Also try drawing it out on a piece of paper then looking for what each part could be done in derma. The LuaPad addon can be useful for making it all in game then copy paste it in your lua file. there is also the derma designer that you could look at. Also for each column look at that is what i think you want.